Layers of Emerald Mountain Peaks,Shine in Mirrors of Jade Green Creeks.

The Misty Beauty of Daybreak, Glimpses of Woodland amid Sunrise;Golden Mosaic Glistening at Twilight, Night is a Gentle Evening Breeze.

Clouds of Mists in All Seasons Sweet,Steady Temperance in Moisture and Heat.

Drums of Dusk, Bells of Dawn,The Shrines of Buddha Never Yawn.Heartfelt Devotion to Amethyst Leaves, With Scented Flowers and Fruitful Dreams; The Taste of Sweet Dews in Every Drop.

Tea Leaves Steamed by Gentle Breeze, Brings a Whiff of Freshness at Ease.

The Taste of Nature in a Pot of Tea,A Life of Indulgence; A Life of Leisure;A Life Esprit.